clark’s gone to victoria.


I helped Ryan move this weekend. He only had one truckload so the move was really easy and I was rewarded with the second best pizza I’ve ever had. We worked all weekend whenever we could fit it in and went for breakfast at Floyd’s Diner both Saturday and Sunday. I finally got a chance to bring out my camera on the ferry on the way home. My laptop wasn’t booting so I couldn’t really get any work done. Great excuse to make some pictures. Excuse the incredible amounts of vignetting, I thought it might look cool.

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a star trek phaser couldn’t phase me.


I was missing taking pictures but I guess I had stuff to do. Anyways, I didn’t want to miss the last day of summer, technically, and I went for a walk with my camera. Method Man’s 1994 classic “Tical” was the soundtrack for the adventure.

Goodbye summer, technically.

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I went to Victoria this past weekend for my cousin Steph’s wedding. I ended up staying with Spence who has been there for a few months now and had a real nice time. The change of scenery was welcomed and the wedding was beautiful.

steph's wedding

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summer randoms.


These are just a few Hipstamatic photos that I didn’t want to not use. They are rather uneventful but I really wanted them here. Summer has been good so far. Here’s hoping it goes into November.

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