tyson’s birthday.


We went up to Cultus Lake to celebrate Tyson’s birthday. Nearly immediately after arriving, people were offering Rhys money to jump in the lake. Keep in mind now, that the lake was probably below freezing and outside it was only four degrees below zero. Anyways, I think we came up with forty bucks to get Rhys to jump in but before we could get our wallets out, he was stripped down and doing a flip off the end of the dock.

I promise to add cheesy indie pop and a fake film grain to the video later but gots no video editing skills as of right now.

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mount washington.


I got back home from Mount Washington this evening at about 17h00. I set my alarm this morning for 6h30 and started shoveling out the car shortly thereafter. Overall, it was an incredibly relaxing time. I managed to get some stuff done for work and I felt like I still had time to spare. I will definitely be doing it again sometime in the future.

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snowy here.


We’re up on Mount Washington for the beginning of this week just working away. We are completely snowed in and spend hours every day shoveling our cars out of literally feet and feet of snow. It is really serene and relaxing, plus, the inability to go anywhere makes it easy to spend time at the laptop. There might be a couple more pictures after this one.

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the bendy part.


Every time I ride the accordion buses I like to see how long I can sit in the bendy part without vomiting. It is also a hilarious seat because the person I am directly in front of probably doesn’t want to have to look at my face for the whole bus ride.

I always thought this would make for a cool picture but would never take it with people on the bus. Alas, there was a chance the other night and I got to business.

seat on the bus

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it snowed.


I actually got out there and went for a walk rather than just updating my facebook status as “snow!!!”. It looks better out there like this but people drive like crazies.

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