hunting in victoria.


Went over to see Clark because a visit was long overdue. I first broke out the camera for a walk from Clark’s place to Spence’s along Quadra. I didn’t see much worth taking pictures of. When I got to Spence’s, he schooled me in the trade of Big Buck Hunter and provided an opportunity or two for a shot. We went to the Rathskeller for a great dinner and some incredibly expensive $17.50 Oktoberfest beers (we had no idea they were that much) then went back to Spence’s for some more duck hunting.

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Winthrop is a town in Washington that has held on tight to its old western roots and tourists love them for it. I went down for the weekend with the Gowlands and had a super time. These are the pictures to prove it.

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british car show in ladysmith.


We went to visit the Gowlands in Duncan again, but on our way back to the ferry we stopped at a British car show in Ladysmith. These are the pictures I took.

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the island.


France was finished after spending a really rather pleasant final evening in Montmartre with Paul and Lori. The next morning, Goob and I got on the Eurostar for London.

We stayed with Bob and Andrea. They were very gracious hosts and Goob has known Bob since she was four. Bob and Andrea live in Putney, so, despite it’s third transit zone status, it was kinda neat to feel what it might be like to live in London. I had only ever previously stayed in hotels and never really thought I got what London had to offer. We hung out with Jason, Andre, Nerissa and David the first night and ate some impressive curry. Because of the bank holiday, train service stopped rather early that evening and we were in no condition to find our way back to Putney so Dave let us sleep on his airbed.

The very next day was meant to be a bachelor party of sorts for Eric. We had a plan of hitting eight pubs, a kebab house, and Chinese takeaway. I have no idea how well we did.

As it turns out, living in London is a lot like living in Vancouver, except there are more people and they stay up later. It rains a lot, it’s cloudy even more, and they speak English. Go figure.

The night before we left for Wales, we trained into Cambridge for Melanie’s birthday at Bridges in Waterbeach.

Melanie and Eric had rented out all of the Pentre Bach cottages for the eighteen-some-odd guests that needed a place to stay for the night. This was a definite highlight of the trip. Pentre Bach is beautiful and the weather cooperated very nicely. Whilst staying in Llwyngwril, we climbed a few hills, had a few dinners, played a few games, sat by the fire and even watched a wedding. It really was an incredible feat to get two whole families to Wales for a week. Everyone had a fantastic time.

I don’t take pictures of people.

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the south of france.


My three weeks in Europe, culminating with the marriage of Eric Gowland to Melanie Findlater in Wales, began in France. We flew into Charles de Gaulle, rented a Renault Teepee Expert, and then drove to Beaunes to stay the night in an Etap. It was a long 25 hours of stinky gross travel. When we reached out destination, Collias, the next day, we were greeted by our gracious hosts Bruno and Brigitte at Les Allouettes. It was a beautiful place to stay and there was plenty to do in the neighbourhood. We saw Uzes, Nimes, Avignon, the Pont Du Gard and Montpellier. We even took a day or two just bumming around Collias. It really is a charming part of the world. These pictures are off of both my camera, and my phone. The cheesier ones come from the phone.

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